You’ve got more neighbours than you think.

A clever little camera that helps you see, track, and share your local wildlife.

Behold camera mounted on a tree, awaiting to take photos when an animal is detected.

Behold Wi-Fi

Connects to your home network


Behold Cellular

Connects to a mobile data provider


Clever classification

Behold knows a badger from a beaver automatically, thanks to built in AI doo-daddery.

Nightime, daytime

Fancy sensors means Behold can take shots around the clock. Yeah, we’re talking nightvision.

No homosapien

Behold knows not to take shots of people. You’ll need a different camera to spy on your neighbours, sorry.

Creatures of habit

Animal facts and data? Got that, of course. But how about analytics? See who visits, when, and how often.

A screenshot of the Behold iOS app showing a photo of a badger that has recently been caught on cameraA shot of the Behold mobile app, showing an overview of statistics from visiting animals
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